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What type of RC will I buy ?

There are a lot of different types of RC that you can buy. Just to name a few : car, drone, boat, airplane, helicopter.

But what is now the best to buy when you start ? This is also a personal taste. What do you like to do ? Some people love to drive with rc cars. They have tracks where they race to each other. Others by a drone or helicopter or airplane and just fly it for fun.

And then there is the budget. You have for example small drones like the Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter Drone with Camera already for around the 50 dollar. Even RC cars are already there for around the 20 dollar like this one :

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Crash Syma quadcopter X5C-1

When I wanted to try this simple little drone I forgot that I can not go that high. What happen after that you can see in below video :




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When I was a young boy I already was impressed by a RC Helicopter that a neighbor had. Understand that this was about 35 years ago, so it was still pretty expensive to buy it. Now these days you can already buy small RC airplanes for a few dollars. Okay, it will not be the same, and there are still a lot of expensive RC vehicles that you can get. But it is much easier to get something. And I want to write about that in some articles.



Hope you like it.